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Video Editor - Producer

I started my video production journey all the way back in 2007 at Boston College with a minor in Film. As an English Major, storytelling was in my blood and after a class in screenwriting I found a new avenue within film. As part of the film minor, I took a course in video production and quickly saw that video editing was another great way to tell stories with sound and moving pictures, and the rest, they say, is history. 


After graduating, I went on to intern, become an assistant editor, post production supervisor, producer, and a senior producer editor, at such great companies as Triple Threat Television and One World Sports. 

I've worked on various types of projects, including MTV True Life, ESPN 30 for 30, live sports programming, animated shorts, pilots, social media work, and more. I currently work full time at Gartner as a Producer/Editor with corporate video editing. I have over seven years of professional video editing and producing experience and can bring my expertise to your project in a variety of ways.

As a freelancer, I focus especially on dance trailers and productions, as I love to combine my passions. My favorite work involves music driving the visuals of the piece as illustrated in some of the videos below.

Rates for my work vary depending on project scope, so please reach out and we can discuss. 

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