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My Dance Journey

I've been dancing since I was the age of 3, amassing experience in styles of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and pointe. In college I entered the world of partner dancing through lindy hop and eventually into west coast swing.

West coast swing has been my passion since 2009 and I have trained with many of the top champions today. I'm constantly updating my knowledge and abilities in this dance that has taken over my life. I'm extremely passionate about building the west coast swing community in various ways, including supporting local events, classes and dances.

I've been teaching since 2014 and I focus on making sure my students learn strong fundamentals while having fun. I'm fortunate to have taught at national level events, including Boston Tea Party and Countdown Swing Boston and teach locally in the Connecticut, New York and New Jersey scenes.

Currently I compete at an All Star level in west coast swing, and have put multiple routines on the floor in rising star, pro am, and team. Please check out some examples of my dancing in the videos! 

My current rates for teaching:

Private Lessons (Hourly rates) - 2020 amounts
$70 - At my home rate

$80 - At events rate*

(I do have undergraduate student/unemployment rates, contact me separately for those)

*Student is responsible for any floor fees

One Group Class (Depending on Location): $90 - $150

Two Group Classes (Depending on Location): $125 - $175

Deejaying (Depending on Location): $50 - $75

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